Seed Swaps

Ceratotheca triloba (violet S. African Foxglove) germinated

07 Mar 2009

Surface sown 5 days ago, they’re up! I soaked the seed in warm water overnite and surface sowed on 3" deep moist starting mix in a wooden Clementine box. These work so well, drain well (I put a layer of newspaper on the bottom to keep the mix in, then punch thru with a knife for drainage), and are easy to move around with no soil disturbance. I plastic bagged the whole works and set in on to finch cage where dappled sun warms and provides light. Nights are cool low 60’s, days as high as 78 when the woodstove gets cookin’.

The magic formula is light, heat and moisture. These need an early start to bloom and make seed for me here.

So, good vigorous start!



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