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Very Cucumber

15 Jan 2009
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I decided to harvest 2 cucumbers today to allow the others the chance to get large. My dad has been taking out his ruler to measure the cucumbers almost daily. At the time of harvesting, one was 18 cm long, and the other was 15 cm. I decided to just slice them and eat them raw with some chicken rice and raw tomato slices. The cucumbers had thorns, which I easily scrapped off with the back of a knife, so we could still eat them with the skin on. They were actually rather flavourful and tasted very, hm, cucumber. I would’ve liked them crunchier, as these were rather dense and kinda rubbery, and looking like they would make good pickles instead. Anyway, it was rather fun and exciting harvesting and then eating something I had planted.

I used a shortcut method to make the chicken rice. I chopped up a few cloves of garlic and a thumb-sized piece of ginger. I then sauteed them with a little oil. I added washed raw rice to the mixture and stir-fried some more till it is dry, and seasoned it with a pinch of salt and pepper. I put the mixture into the rice cooker and added the required amount of water. I then placed pieces of chicken (I left the skin on for flavour, although we don’t eat that) on top and turned on the cooker. The chicken rice is served with the sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, and some dark soya sauce and garlic chilli sauce for dipping/drizzling.




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