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I have the best gardening friends !!

11 Jan 2009
Snow -4°C / 24°F

I am just so excited to have found this wonderful site, and to be able to share it with some of the best gardening friends a person can have !!

I normally am not one to promote sites, but I was just more then excited to find a wonderful place to keep track of my winter sowing, and gardens.

I just know it will be so much fun to share the winter sowing experience here container, by container.

Soooo glad to see my friends here, and although I am new also, I am willing to help anyone that needs it.

Thanks so much for beleiving enough in me, to come and check out the site…I so look forward to getting to see your gardens, and watch them grow thru the season.

Gardeners make THE BESTEST friends !! Looking forward to getting to know more people too !!



Yep, me too Kym, i am looking forward to seeing every ones gardenes this year,
I spent some time last few days recording a lot of my seeds i have sown,on this very site,so happy you shared this with me.
I still have some things to look up,better get that done before the seeds start to come in,ha ha

Posted on 14 Jan 09 (over 7 years ago)

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