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Good odds for sprouts.

09 Jan 2009
Overcast -5°C / 23°F

20 of 24 seeds have sprouted. That’s pretty good for a start.

I was worried when, after pulling the dish towel off the sprouts, I saw that the new leaves were a reddish color, like they were starting to die, but after a day of light, they perked right up.

I’m not putting these in bright light, yet. I had them on a cookie sheet in the furnace room, and will be transferring them to the big, full-sun window in a week or so. But going from all dark to all bright seems a tad stupid. I also can’t figure out if the full sun in this window will be too hot. Maybe I can make an arrangement with the husband and kids to have the seedlings in sun but out of the window — if they can keep their toy cars from disturbing the roots. Often, they’re safer in the window.






Folia Helper

United States5b

Wow, I guess your dark thing worked. I’ll have to try it this year. Last year I only had about a third of them sprout. Too much light, I guess.

Posted on 09 Jan 09 (over 10 years ago)

Instead of soaking them first, rub the outside with a nail file. I explained to my kids that the outside is rough, and you want to simulate the action of a bird’s stomach, that would break down some of the outside of the seed. Between that and the dark, I had fabulous success (and couldn’t wait to show you).

Posted on 09 Jan 09 (over 10 years ago)

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