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21 Sep 2008
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On or about Day 25, we pulled out about 7 teeny, tiny radishes, one with a cabbage root maggot partway inside. D. decided that we had to wait a bit more and gave all the plants some compost tea he had been brewing for a couple of days.

We’ve pulled out around 35 these past couple of days (at days 27 & 28), all still quite small, but tasty enough and fairly well-formed. Thankfully, we found no other wiggly critters. A rogue radish that had started growing in between the central plot and east plot proved to be one of the larger ones we pulled, much to our delight and surprise.

The roots taste mild and crunchy, and we’ve also been using the spicy greens (sans stems) in our veggie stir-fries.




They look divine! What do the leaves tasty like? My guess would be mustard-like. I love the idea that there are some plants you can consume in their entirety… nom nom… :)

Posted on 21 Sep 08 (almost 11 years ago)

the leaves are indeed mustardy and spicy — we don’t feel that they’d be good raw, but they’ve been a nice supplement to our dishes that call for sauteed greens!

Posted on 22 Sep 08 (almost 11 years ago)

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