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Big Orange Spider

24 Aug 2008
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It turns out there are big-orange-spiders in New York… only they’re brown instead of orange. And they seem to have slightly smaller webs than I’m used to. I don’t know why, but I always forget about big-orange-spiders until they come out in the fall. I don’t mind black widows, but these guys give me the heebie jeebies. I hate accidentally walking into their webs and feeling like there are spiders on me for the rest of the day. Here are a couple of pictures of a brown big-orange-spider, followed by a picture of her web. She’s cleverly built it between the pole beans and the palm tree kale. I’m going to have to knock it down when I harvest the kale, which makes me feel slightly bad. Although if you know to look for it in the picture, you can see there’s already a big hole in the middle of her web. I just hope she doesn’t get more adventurous. She is a big-orange-spider, after all, and she could easily decide to put a web between our house and the neighbor’s house, or exactly across the back door. There’ll be no more going out of the house for me without the big-orange-spider broom waving ritual.




Apparently orange spiders like basil. Only… you’re big orange spider seems bitter than my big orange spider. Same heebie jeebies though.

Nice visual with the broom though… made me smile.. ok.. giggle.

Posted on 25 Aug 08 (over 9 years ago)

Your big-orange-spiders are creepier looking than ours but, I’m sorry to report, not as big (Ours are also stripey rather than translucent, so not the same species). If I have to have giant bugs, why can’t I also get year-round summer? Doesn’t seem fair somehow to have to have giant creepy-crawlies AND winter.

Posted on 25 Aug 08 (over 9 years ago)


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@Wen, ok, yours scares me more. They look an awful lot like brown recluses, even if they shouldn’t be on basil. Brrrr…. Gimme black widows over brown recluses any day!

@Nax, I hate to say it, but creepy-crawlies seem to go with cold winters. When I moved here, everyone told me I was going to have trouble adjusting to water freezing and falling out of the sky. Last winter was a piece of cake. Mostly I’m having trouble adjusting to the sheer quantity (in terms of both variety and population) of bugs. I have at least 3 different varieties of ants in my vegetable garden alone.

Posted on 25 Aug 08 (over 9 years ago)

Someone on flickr thought it might be a brown recluse too, but I did some research and they are different. The brown recluse has a violin shaped marking and not much difference in coloring throughout the body in legs. This one is definitely colorful and lacks the violin mark.


Posted on 25 Aug 08 (over 9 years ago)

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