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Propagation of Cork Oak.

14 Oct 2007

Does anyone have any advice about growing the cork oak (Quercus suber).
The easiest way to grow Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur) native to the UK is from acorn.
Will it be better to graft, as my own tree has not produced any seed yet?






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You may be able to grow from semi-ripe cuttings in the autumn with bottom heat but i have my douts on this then again it might be worth a try you might get some sucsess. Other than that grafting is the best way your more likely to be successful if you graft onto an evergreen species using a spliced side graft onto a 3 to 4 year old seedling and wait until the second year. hope thats helpful.

Posted on 17 Oct 07 (over 8 years ago)


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There is a research paper online (I can’t get the link to work, but you can find it by googling “Propagação Vegetativa de Sobreiros Seleccionados”) – free access, PDF, Portuguese text but with an English abstract – anyway, this paper indicates that grafting and cuttings can be successful. Here is the abstract in full:

The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the possibilities of vegetative propagation techniques of adult cork oak trees so as to develop an approach applicable to a genetic improvement breeding program. Bud grafting and cuttings were used to multiply and mass propagate selected cork oak trees. Forty-six cork oak trees were reproduced from clone banks. September proved to be a better season for grafting than June/July. Rooting season and the temperature of the rooting substrate were demonstrated to be important factors in juvenile cuttings response. The highest rooting ability was achieved in August with a rooting substrate temperature of 28°C (57.0%). The best rooting rate was obtained by maintaining cuttings in rooting media for four months. The application of IBA influenced rooting ability both in cuttings from seedlings and those from the clone bank. Nevertheless, juvenile material needed a lower IBA concentration (0.5%) than the older material (1%). The clone and age of grafting were shown to influence the rooting ability. The decrease of rooting ability with age of grafting requires a dynamic management of the clone bank.

The vegetative propagation of selected adult cork oak trees seems to be a viable technique, establishing a prior clone bank, by means of grafting, and then mass propagation through cuttings of this material.

Posted on 11 Mar 08 (about 8 years ago)

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