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I knew it would happen, but it's always magical

24 Jul 2008
Sunny 28°C / 83°F

Building and planting the garden boxes this year with two people who had barely seen a tomato plant has been such a rewarding experience. First of all, having them looking to me as the “expert” has forced me to be one: to read, and experiment, and learn. I remember telling them as we set the little plants in the ground at the beginning of June – when they looked so small and the boxes looked so big – that when summer really got rolling we wouldn’t be able to see the soil for all the green.

Well, summer is really rolling and the green magic has happened. In fact, lesson learned: two tomato plants, a watermelon plant, cucumbers, and yellow squash are a bit overwhelming for a 4X8 box. But they all seem happy, contented, and ready to spill forth their harvest.

In box number two the corn is getting taller and ready to sprout the little Big Bird feathers at the top, the radishes are nearly done ( I’m kind of glad because they were strong, and I was the only one eating them), the carrots are happily carroting, and the spring onions…well the spring onions are doing nothing. at. all. They sprouted and grew, then we thinned them and they stopped doing anything. They aren’t dead, they’ve just….stopped. Oh well, that’s really the only out-and-out failure we’ve had so far.

My two city people are happy and amazed that we can read a recipe for dinner and usually find at least two things that we can (or soon will be able to) go out to the garden and pick to throw in the pan.

How come everyone doesn’t do this gardening thing. It’s lovely.



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