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Shade Cage & growth

17 Jun 2008
Sunny 36°C / 96°F

Last night I went and got the rest of the materials to build my shade cage for my 2nd SFG. It took me forever to make a grid and put that thing together. Chicken wire is not easy to work with! I got it done though, and it will be PERFECT!

I checked my seedlings last night, and some of the radish tops were touching the top of the greenhouse, so I took the lid off. The corn is also growing tall, and the lettuce and broccoli in the cups in the windowsill are sprouting wonderfully. I’ll have to cut out the extras. I will be hardening them off the rest of this week and planting them outside in the garden. I think I’m going to have to plant the carrots in the first garden, as that one is 12" deep. Or maybe I will build a couple of tall boxes to go in garden #2. I will replant the parsley from the pot in SFG #1 also.




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