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16 Jun 2008
Sunny 33°C / 92°F

Everything is growing wonderfully! I’ve got 2 tomatoes and several flowers on my tomato plant. I’ve got 4 strawberries and no flowers, but the leaves are growing nice and bushy. The cantaloupe and cucumbers are starting to grow their little curly things, so I’ve been training them toward the trellis. The Basil and Dill and Oregano and Rosemary are doing nicely. I wish this site would let you make a grid for the square foot gardening, and make a diagram! The marigolds are kind of shriveling up, and I don’t think they will make it. I had to let go of the whole bucket of water next to the garden idea, as there were some sort of creatures swimming in my water! The watermelon isn’t really doing anything, but it’s not dying either, so I assume that watermelon takes a long long time to grow. It has been extremely hot lately, so I’ve been making sure to water them morning and evening. In the morning, I sort of mist them, and in the evening, they get watered deeply. So far, so good! OH! My sunflower seed already sprouted and is about 2 inches tall already!




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