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11 Jun 2008
Sunny 30°C / 86°F

Ok, so when I transplanted my plants, I watered the garden, watered the plants, and then planted them. Although the Square Foot Gardening book says to give the plants only a cup or two of water per week, I’ve been giving them a cup or two of water every day.

Well, my mom comes over yesterday and started griping about how dry my bed looked. I thought it was kind of moist, but to be on the safe side, I brought out the hose and really watered them. Well Glory Be! That thing soaked up so much water it wasn’t even funny! This morning when I checked it was still holding water, so I guess it WAS dry after all. I feel so bad for my babies. My marigolds are looking rather crunchy, so I guess I probably killed them. Home Depot allows you to bring them back if they die within a year, so good thing I saved my receipts!

On a good note, I do have 2 tomatoes on my Bush Goliath plant, and I found 2 new strawberries this morning, for a total of 4! I’m excited now. Yesterday, I bought some of those Jiffy Pellets so I can start seeding indoors some lettuce and carrots and stuff. I’ll start those tonight after I get done with my household drudgery! I think T is going to have to build me a new box within the next couple of weeks, though, because I want to plant way too much, and I am determined!




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