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More stair rods and a Lemon Popsicle...

18 Jul 2019

The cool rainy weather continues with heavy rain falling in showers between cloud drifting along the mountain sides, the buckets are full of water, the lilies are transparent with rain, and the rest of the blooms are bowed down – still better than heat and wildfire smoke. A wander around the garden snacking off alpine strawberries, raspberries and a cherry tomato!

Today I caved in and bought a Kniphofia Lemon Popsicle. I had been eyeing it for a week or more, and wanting one since I saw them in gardens in Britain, which is some time ago. Borderline hardy at Z6 but usually when we get down to -23C we have good snow cover so I will keep my fingers crossed.

I hauled the Coriander out of the purple tomato tub; it quickly grew enormously tall and flowered during warm weather in May and I decided it was shading out the base of the tomato plant which needed more air.

It would be nice to spend some time in the garden without being well bitten by mozzies; maybe when I come back from visiting my daughter when it will be almost August already.



Hi Rainymountain, just a quick message to let you know a few people have started a “Folians” group on Facebook to help keep the Folia community together while we look for solutions to losing Folia entirely when it permanently closes and is taken offline on 1 August.
Come over and join us, we’ll miss you too much if we lose you along with Folia.

Posted on 20 Jul 19 (about 1 month ago)

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