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Stair rods and ants...

12 Jul 2019
Scattered Clouds 27°C / 81°F

Yesterday showers but during the showers it rained like stair rods, straight down rods of rain drops. Needless to say nothing got done in the garden except a quick walk round to check. Delphs which had begun righting themselves were bent over again, some of the Courier lilies were bashed over, for the rest they seemed to be surviving. Whatever one feels about this unforecasted rainy season, everyone would prefer this to last Summers heat and smoke.

New flowers: Citronella lilies, looking very healthy and beautiful; Lily Monte Negro; Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset; Lambs Ears looking much healthier and flowering for the first time in several years; Lily Toronto?; Hemerocallis Bonanza; all the Lavenders are flowering.

Today before it got hot and humid, I deadheaded around the garden in the hope that I might get a second flush on the Salvias and the various Pinks.
The orange flowered Iceplant has been flowering well but the other has done nothing. I lifted the tile behind the plant which protected it from winter rain and lo! an ant nursery, eggs and a myriad tiny ants rushing around. Maybe they will move out and the Iceplant will flower.

New flowers: Leucanthemum in House, these are not as shaggy as the original clump; Hemeocallis Big Smile; Hemeocallis Rajah; the little Hobbit SeaHolly is turning blue. There are two plants in Drive one of which has flowers!



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Posted on 17 Jul 19 (about 1 month ago)

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