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Mosquito weather

09 Jul 2019
Scattered Clouds 26°C / 79°F

This humid, warm weather with constant threatening thunder clouds and occasional showers is perfect breeding conditions for mozzies. Despite the hungry beasts I spent some time in the garden this afternoon, first emptying all the buckets of rain water into the tomato planters and wherever else water was needed, thus giving the mozzies less breeding grounds.

I transplanted another 6 bought lettuce seedlings, 3 into the green tub where the original lettuces have all been eaten; three of the purple been plants look as though they might survive whatever has eaten the rest, one is growing into the Sungold cherry tomato. I picked two ripe Sungolds today, the first two tomato plants are like small shrubs and all three have cluster of tomatoes. The other 3 lettuces went into a long planter.
Transplanted the lovely yellow lily which has finished flowering into Road in front of the Rosa glauca and emptied the rest of that sack of compost and sawdust over that part of the garden. I added two Strawberry plants to that bed a couple of weeks ago.

Transplanted the Persian Sheild plant to a bigger pot, currently on the porch.

Newly flowering:- Path: Tradescantia Sweet Kate both plants
Porch: The lily which has been there for years which I am fairly sure is a Regale, definitely scented.
House: Olina Tango lily
Boat: Lily Monte Negro, Rudbekia Cherry Brandy
Centre: Forever Susan Asiatic Lily, one of the new lilies, just starting, Orange flowered Iceplant; Coreopsis Zagreb
Road: Hydrangea Brussels Lace, lots of flowers this year;
Drive: Coreopsis Moonbeam; Hemeocallis Destined to See; Scabious





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The notifications on the site are a little sparse so I wanted to give you a heads up – Folia is shutting down as of August 1st ( Hopefully that gives you time to snag the information on the site that you need!

Posted on 10 Jul 19 (about 1 month ago)

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