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Doing nicely, thank you!

08 Jun 2019
Rainy 18°C / 64°F

That is perhaps how the plants in the troughs on the middle bar of the balcony might respond if they could talk! I have 3 troughs planted up with the Marguerite cuttings I took a year ago. They have taken quite well to the situation & are blooming nicely! I also have 2 more plants in pots balancing on 2 of the 3 troughs. There isn’t enough physical space in the troughs to put them in so, having nowhere better to put them for the time being, they have ended up on top of the troughs! I don’t have a photo of them in this position though.

The 3 troughs are in the centre position on the bar which is divided by 2 uprights into 3 equal sections. Between each upright & trough there is room for 2 pots of Pelargoniums on either side of the troughs with Marguerites. As the Pelargoniums are growing quite big it looks as if I have made a bad choice putting so many pots of them on the bar! Yet the plants look quite happy & as the majority are from overwintered cuttings, like the Marguerites, they are flowering for the first time. As they are two different colours I thought I would alternate them but as I had no idea what colours they would be I’ve had to wait till now when some of them have begun to flower. There are still a few plants without flowers at the moment so I will wait a week or two longer before moving them around – & hope there are enough of each colour to do what I envisioned a month or so ago!




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