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Only one day of sunshine

11 May 2019

Back to cold and rainy. Getting really tired of this. Separated and potted up all my tomato seedlings; I had exactly enough potting mix somehow. I’m most excited about the “Mo’s Pink” which is not actually the name, but they’re a pink, and they came from my friend Mo. Last year I couldn’t get them to germinate. This is the same batch of seeds, so who knows why it worked this year.

I have 74 tomato starts, and just need 19, so I’m hoping I can sell the rest of them for $5 each in mid-June, which would be a nice little windfall. I’ll have extra kale, chard, basil, poblanos, maybe jalapeno, maybe parsley as well. Would be nice to make a hundred bucks selling plants.

Of course, from standing in more or less just one position for more than an hour my leg has now seized up and is in pain. Put the warm weather seedlings back out in the Breezeway, as well as my overwintering tenders, so my living room is now plant free for the first time in months. All the cool weather starts are outside, but still in pots. I won’t be able to plant outside until Thursday. Tuesday would be better, especially for my towel-germinated beans, but between work and the weather I’ll have to put it off. Once the cool starts are planted I’ll be able to use those pots to thin the peppers. Should have enough compost in the bin to make some more potting mix.

It’s happening, it’s just happening reeaaaalllly slowly.




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