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Outdoor planting!

24 Apr 2019

A gorgeous Easter Sunday tailor made for outdoor seed starting. I tested the soil temps after the sun went down yesterday (which was a cool day), and the coolest temp I found was 48º inside the potato boxes. Everywhere else was at least 50-55º so there are no cool-weather seeds that I can’t start. I’ll wait another week for the potatoes, to give that area a little bit of time to warm up some more, plus get slightly more robust eyes on my starters.

Directed friends to lay out my square foot markers, using sunflower stalks from last year. Laying it out with string is such a pain. Since the compost is fairly chunky, rather than pushing the seeds into the soil we topped the patches with seed starter. Because of all the rain we’ve had I’ve got plenty of water in the rain barrels and didn’t have to haul it or lay out the big hose. Planted my sprouted snow peas, plus radish, beets, carrots, and lettuce in addition to direct seeding cabbage because why not.

Not the most compelling set of photos, but nice to have the “before” pictures! Milestones in Plantings.

I wave good morning
as the church ladies march past
carrying baked goods
and the holy spirit
while I dig in the dirt.
You go to your church and I’ll go to mine




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