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24 Mar 2019
Partly Sunny 13°C / 55°F

The annual war on maple seedlings has started. Along with all the fruiting trees which produced masses of hips, haws, fruit and seeds last year, the maple was not to be outdone. Every time there was a wind during the winter another million seeds got blown across the snow covered garden. Even on top of snow they are currently putting out roots. So as the snow retreats I am attempting to clear leaves and seedlings. In Path there are a mass of snow crocus buds and lots of opening flowers, some bees came visiting this afternoon. Aconites are flowering along the edge of Shade and the Christmas Rose has pushed a few flowers above the snow. Porch has a mass of crocus leaves, some tulips, maybe some more snowdrops; it is still half covered by snow which is going fast.

The south end of Centre is free of snow, it looks as though the two Lewisias I tucked into the rock wall have survived and there are bulb shoots coming up all along the edge. The same is true of the south end of Boat, even the first fronds of Anemonies under the snow. I moved a shrub tub out from its winter nest between Boat and East. I have been digging snow from the paths and dumping it around the Forsythia and the Brussel’s Lace Hydrangea which get very little snow during the winter.

Today it was calm with hazy sunshine (although we were forecast to get showers yesterday and today). It was lovely gardening weather. I have been doing a bit most afternoons.





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How are you getting on in your “war zone”? Will you win the victory over the Maple seeds or will they get the upper hand?

In the road where we live there are a line of Acer trees &, like your Maple, they drop millions of seeds! Though this coming year there will me a million or two less (what’s a few million seeds between friends?) as the biggest tree, whose leaves turned a brilliant yellow in autumn, has been cut down!

Posted on 14 Apr 19 (2 months ago)

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