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19 Mar 2019
Sunny 10°C / 50°F

Several days of warm temperatures and a week’s worth forecast, the snow is going fast although it is still several feet deep in parts of the garden.
Today by stamping on the snow before I put my weight on it I walked across the snow to the Spruce which is snow free and has been most of the winter. I took photos but unfortunately Flickr won’t repond so I can’t put them up. Standing on the biggest pile of snow, I am looking over the top of the most northerly of the arches. In Path garden which is losing its snow bank fast, there are lots of crocus leaves, two buds one of which partly opened today, and one forlorn Snowdrop. In Porch, two snowdrops have appeared, some of the ones I planted last fall. The snow along the westerly edge of Porch and Shade is barely a foot high and melting back in the strong sun. I hope the Christmas Rose and the Aconites will appear in a day or two. The Christmas Rose already had buds and a couple of open flowers before the first snow came.

As to the gardening, the eternal battle against maple seedlings has started. The snow is covered with seeds, some of which are sprouting. There is also a lot of debris, a lot of it green, from the Spruce at that end of the garden.

Indoors, the Christmas Cactus with the peachy flowers is blooming, the little Begonia from the garden flowers on, as do the African Violets. The Calamondin Orange got taken outside to be sprayed with insecticidal soap to kill off the scale bugs on part of the plant. There was a bit of a cool breeze so I hoped the breeze and the soap would finish off the bugs. It then got a shower in the bath to wash off the soap and hopefully dead bugs.

Our local supermarket has had lovely planters with various succulents which I have resisted buying. It also had in a selection of tropical leaves from which I bought a Stromanthe sanguinea, long variegated cream, pink and dark green leaves with brilliant red backsides.

At some stage my computer will go down to Kelowna where there is a Mac shop and I hope that visit will get it sorted and upgraded. It will probably mean that I will be without a computer for a while. Now we have no Greyhound bus service it is hard to get out of town unless someone else is going and Kelowa is about 2 hours drive away. It will mean two trips, one to drop the computer off and one to pick it up when it is repaired. Oh dear!



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