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08 Mar 2019
Partly Sunny 4°C / 39°F

I did write a journal entry for Bloom Day but managed to lose it. Also I couldn’t upload any pictures to go with it and couldn’t be bother to struggle with Flickr as well as rewrite the journal entry.

February was unremittingly cold, not as brutal as places east, but way below the norms for the time of year. With the Arctic outflow came day after sunny day – so unusual for February here; also day after day of wind which took temperatures even further down, and almost no snow. It was an unusual February for an El Nino event which usually means warmer winters here. There were no records set in this valley but the daily mean was -7.5C compared with January -1.9C and December -0.6C. Colder yet than the last two La Nina years where in 2018 February daily mean was -5.0C and 2017 -3.5C.

Earlier this week the temperatures edged up to the searsonal norms of -4C/+3C, we are not quite there yet but the forecast looks good and there has been a lot of bird activity. Crows with nesting materials, Varied Thrushes, Crossbills in red mating plumage, and other migratory birds arriving, Redpolls and Chick-a-Dees have been around most of the winter. The garden is still under varying amounts of snow, the deepest about 3 feet. We had a bit of snow yesterday and overnight but the sun was warm enough during today to melt the snow and ice off the sidewalks so that one can walk to the shops without fear of breaking a leg. Even spikes don’t hold on sheer ice or water over ice which has been the case for the last few days.

Indoors, the orchids are taking a respite, the little Begonia flowers on, the oranges on the Calamondin are turning from green to orange, and everything seems fine. The strong sun which is still quite low has meant watering more frequently.

I wanted to put up some photos of the beautiful Amarylis that bloomed during February but Flickr is still being temperamental.



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