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Mini-rose (Yellow) pruned

15 Jan 2019
Sunny 4°C / 39°F

The Mini-rose (Yellow) I was given by my daughter for Christmas I pruned quite drasticly a couple of days ago. The leaves of the poor plant had been sprayed with a gold glitter & the plant looked quite miserable a couple of weeks later. I suppose that by the time it got to this stage most people would have thrown it away but not me, I’ll do my best to revive it & pruning it back is the first step.

I’ll update this planting at some further stage when I see how it responds to this drastic treatment.

14th February 2019

The plants in the original pot are showing new growth now so I have hopes for them! I don’t have a new photo at present but in a few days time I’ll get one & put it in this journal.




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