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Sprouts harvested

06 Jan 2019
Rain Showers 1°C / 34°F

One and a half dessertspoons, flat not heaped, seems to produce about the right amount of sprouts for the canning jar. So with very little effort I get fresh, crispy sprouts whose source I know – should be no chance of getting some gut bug as a result of eating sprouts.

The last lot are in a glass container in the fridge. The next lot are soaking for a couple of hours, then I will drain the water off and rinse them twice a day until they are grown in about a week. They sit on the window sill in the kitchen.

The weather is a miserable mix of snow and rain with temperatures around 0C – snow on the mountains, of course.






Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

We have never eaten sprouts! When I first saw the title to your journal I immediately thought of those other “sprouts”, the one with a European city in its name, “Brussels”! Both my wife & I hate them! (Like anything else from the cabbage family!)

Your Amaryllis are looking fantastic! About March time I suppose I’ll have Amaryllis flowering on the living room table again but for the moment they are all still hibernating.

Posted on 06 Jan 19 (6 months ago)

I might try your “1 1/2 level dessertspoons” size if I try growing sprouts again. I have a sprouter that I picked up in an op shop (ie charity shop), but I’ve never had success with it. I’ve only ever tried growing sprouts through the dry season but I still end up with a slimy mess that ends up being emptied into the compost. I suspect my tropical climate to be the problem. I wouldn’t even attempt them in the wet season.

Posted on 06 Jan 19 (6 months ago)

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