Seed Swaps

Media Soup Mix September 2018

19 Apr 2019

For winter I grew weed seeds from old potting mix on a tarpoline at the back. About 400L. I added mushroom compost and bit of horse poo I had to try to get it holding enough moisture to germinate seeds. I wet it and covered it with cardboard. I dug in the sprouts 3 times.Watered it regularly after I uncovered it.

I bought some compost to refill the tank beds. It was very loose. No water holding capacity, so although I used it I decided it was not a great addition to my gardens, just a necessary one if I have nothing.

I removed the netting from around the canna bed, as the scrub turkeys had eaten all my Yakon. I was left with a lot of cut mother of herbs.

I layered the potting mix, compost and mother of herb prunings when i put it in a compost bay. I added along the way some natramin, rock phosphate, molasses , Essential. No soil or charcoal added at this time. ended up full.

Note: its still growing weeds, so I didn’t wait until it warmed up enough to make this batch.

Note: This Mix was put in Tank Bed No 3 13/4/2019



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