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Another pleasant Fall day

28 Sep 2018
Partly Cloudy 16°C / 61°F

First thing in the morning i went out intending to empty the tumbler compost but somehow I started moving planters. Tomorrow is forecast to be fine but some rain is forecast for Sunday and then the weather becomes wet. I wanted to move some planters so that they would dry out a little before they came indoors.

Although the giant red Begonia was still going strong, I cut it down and lifted the tuber which is now drying on the porch. The rather pretty pink begonia’s tuber in a hanging basket with the pink fuchsia seemed to have rotted at the base of the stem. The hanging basket is now hanging on the porch – I am in two minds about overwintering that fuchsia. The lovely fuchsia Garten Meister has grown enormous so has the scented geranium in the same planter. I moved them onto the porch but am really reluctant to start cutting them back. So they are sitting next to the miniature rose.

That meant that the Calamondin Orange had to be moved indoors to make space on the porch and before it could be moved it needed pruning. Calamondin Orange can get quite leggy with bare woody branches and tufts of leaves towards the ends. I probably did not start pruning my Orange early enough. It loves being in the garden and always puts out lots of new leaves. Last year it was also laden with oranges. This year there are just a few oranges so I was able to trim more of the branches. I think it needs some fertilizing as some of the leaves are yellow, probably an indication of lack of some nutrient.

I moved Rose Starry Night from Porch to the big blue pot. I am not sure it will survive, I managed to shear off part of the main root. However it had hardly grown this year and earlier was overshadowed by the leaves of the Colchicums.

Then I started on Centre garden, Clematis Maria Cornelia, which is a very pretty white flowered clematis has never done well since I moved it to the arch in Centre. Clematis Mrs Harvey which is only about a foot away does fine. So Maria has gone to Boat behind the peony Primavera, to give shade to its roots, and the cage around the peony will give it something to climb up. I hope it will thrive there, it was looking very sad.

The old Boysenberry canes were cut out. This years canes, which have crept east over Centre as far as the East bed tangling with the Honeysuckle vines travelling and rooting in the opposite direction, got untangled, trimmed back and twined around its arch. A whole lot of violets and grass got picked out from around the base. The clematis Black Prince, which valiantly sprouts each Spring to be overtaken by the Boysenberry, got dug up and moved to Boat between the Hydrangea and the Lavender. Again shade for its roots, less competition and hopefully it will scramble into the Hydrangea as Clematis Huldine does into the Corkscrew Hazel. It was rather more substantial than Maria.

I also transplanted an offset from the Alpine Strawberry Yellow Wonder about a foot away from the mother plant, towards the edge of the bed. Some weeding and pulling out of spindly Asiatic lilies and some hemerocallis which have never flowered. More needs doing in this bed.

Back to Centre: I dug out the Scabious which was hidden by other plants and pulled the Nicotianas. Then I dug up the Hemerocallis New Tangerine Twist which for the first time didn’t flower this year. Divided it in two, trowelled out the weeds around the base and replanted them in Centre behind the Hemerocallis Voodoo Dancer and Luxury Lace. The colour combination might be a bit off but I couldn’t think where else to put them. I hope they will get more sun there. The Scabious went in the space the Hemerocallis vacated in Drive, largely because I was too tired to move the Irises next to Oscar Peterson so that the two scabiouses could be together. Tomorrow perhaps.




It sounds like you’ve been busy, too.

Posted on 29 Sep 18 (11 months ago)


Folia Helper

United States

I had to laugh at Carol’s comment because yes; yes, it does.

Posted on 30 Sep 18 (11 months ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

You have certainly been very “industrious”! Let’s hope the changes will make for an even better display next year.

Posted on 05 Oct 18 (11 months ago)

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