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Tomatoes on balcony during 2018

09 Jul 2018
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Tomatoes on balcony during 2018

The tomato seeds (5 varieties) that my daughter gave me back in March are now plants over 5 & half feet tall! I’d planted them out on the balcony in 4 growbags the 1st Saturday in June 2018. I got 2 of our grandkids to help me put in a plant each (they are 11 & 8 years old!) while I planted up the rest. I planted one for the granddaughter who wasn’t able to come that day as well. In all I put in a dozen plants in the growbags.

They were only about 4/5 inches high when we planted them out but in the 6 weeks that have gone by they have grown to 5ft 6in tall! They haven’t stopped growing yet either!!! I shall have to pinch out their growing tips at the end of July to stop them from growing & putting their energy into ripening the fruit they are carrying.

This year with the heatwave we are suffering the tomatoes are really loving it! With temps at, or close, to 30C & blue skies, with the maximum hours of sunlight, they are growing faster than I’ve ever seen them grow before! Last year was very different & I had one of the poorest harvests I can ever remember having in the 16 years I had grown tomatoes on the balcony. I didn’t have Blight either – in fact I never get Blight on the balcony! The leaves never get wet & so Blight spores can’t germinate on the leaves as they need wet leaves to do so. The balcony is covered by the balcony above & so rain rarely gets in as far as the windows where the tomato plants grow.

I had so many tomato plants this year that I’ve planted out about 20 on the balcony! Never have I planted so many tomatoes on the balcony before this year! I have a dozen ‘Red Robin’ tomato plants in 3 hanging baskets & another 3 in a pot on the balcony floor! All the plants have lots of fruit.




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