Seed Swaps

Weather report

22 Jun 2018
Overcast 16°C / 61°F

Day two, we’re up to 5 inches of rain and it’s supposed to continue another few hours. Fortunately, I got a new roof two days ago, so no leaks, and the gutters are clear! Five inches is a little excessive though, especially since then we’ll get no rain for two months in July and August.

It isn’t just the rain, though, it’s the continuing roller coaster. Over 95 last weekend, then upper 60s all week. The garlic is very slow— still barely a finger width; I pulled one last week and the head was unlobed and thumb sized. Great flavor, but no cloves. No fading of the leaves (which is how you can judge when garlic is ready to pull.) This is about a month behind.

The onions look great; again, a little slow, but healthy and upright. The leeks, however, are still very very small. I’m wondering if there’s some chemical from planting them so close to the potatoes.

Beans looking good. I did a third round on everything with pre-sprouted seeds, since my second round didn’t sprout. The black beans are from a grocery store bag lol.

Tomatoes are on track and healthy, and the peppers and eggplants seem oddly to be really enjoying the roller coaster.

Cauliflower and broccoli are large and healthy, but no heads starting; again, this is a coupe weeks slow.

Anyway, photo updates in the milestones!




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