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10 Dec 2017
Cloudy -1°C / 30°F

I thought I would check back to see if this December was unusually warm. My records on Folia go back to 2008 – does that mean that next year is a 10th anniversary for the website? I don’t always have an entry for December 10th. What impresses me is just how variable the winter weather is, alternating between warm wet air pushing in from the Pacific to the west or Arctic outflows from the north and east.

It seems that every 3rd year we get a very cold Arctic outflow with temperatures at least -15C, early in the month; the snow cover if any is usually light. But by, or on the 10th December, we usually have snow – in three of the years, more than a foot. However a snowfall doesn’t preclude above 0C temperatures and rain a couple of days later. For 4 years out of 8, I’ve noted that the sidewalks were still clean as they are this year which is important if one is walking everywhere. Last year, I noted that 5th of December was the first day the temperature dropped below 0C, aound the same date as this year. The averages for this time of year are -1C/-6C, looking at forecast temperatures for the next six days we’re averaging -1C/-4C and although there is a day of snow forecast towards the end of the week, I am not holding my breath. I do remember one year around 2000/2001 when there was no snow in the valley bottom until the night of Christmas Day but the ground was frozen hard.




That is really interesting, and your records go back a long way!

Posted on 13 Dec 17 (about 1 year ago)

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