Seed Swaps

Watering again

10 Aug 2017
Smoke 32°C / 90°F

30% chance of showers means 70% chance of no showers – wouldn’t put my bet on getting any and we didn’t yesterday or today. However my friend in Saskatchewan said that they had 6" of rain in 24 hours! Spent a couple of hours watering the whole garden and all the planters inside and out.

Two more hot smokey days gone and the Hidcot Lavender pruned. This is one of the two oldest. I cut out a lot of dead wood underneath. It looks rather thin now but I noticed that there are new sprouts growing from the base; I don’t know whether they are seedlings or fresh sprouts.

Eating the last of the Boysenberries and the first of the Blackberries.

The heat and lack of rain makes the flowers go over fast, I wonder what blooms I will have on Bloomday. The scaffolding has been removed from Porch, it looks strangely empty.




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