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Watering, smoke and some tidying up

03 Aug 2017
Smoke 33°C / 91°F

Yesterday was 36C, the good thing was that the smoke cleared from the valley through the day so that last night I was able to leave windows open without the house smelling of smoke in the morning and my lungs being full of micro particulates. With the shorter days, although the evenings cool slowly by dawn it is quite cool and it takes a while to warm up again in the morning. This morning I got out fairly early, watered all the garden that didn’t get done on Tuesday and most of the vegetable planters and then deadheaded East, Boat, House and some of Bay. All this got done while it was reasonably cool. Apart from a bucket full of deadheadings, I added a bucket of water and a bucket of fine wood shavings to the tumbler. I am not sure what causes rotting in the tumbler, there don’t appear to be any worms in it as there are in the Bay box.




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