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A chance of showers

18 Jul 2017
Smoke 27°C / 81°F

I hardly like to mention it, and it depends on what weather forecast you look at, but there seems to be a 60% chance of showers over the next couple of days, hopefully unaccompanied by thunderstorms. The gusty winds at the weekend dropped and the last couple of days have been calm, which has greatly helped the fight against the fires. The winds moved the smoke as far as the Saskatchewan border and west to Vancouver, but if we have rain that will clear the air considerably. Around here unshaded parts of lawns are crisp and dry, they smell of hay when you walk over them.

Coming back from my daughter’s on the Greyhound, from Rock Creek to Beaver Dell we went through an area that burned two years ago. Miles of burnt tree stumps and hillsides of the Rose-Bay Willow-Herb which is always the first to spring up after a fire hence its other name of Fireweed, and a yellow flower which was hard to identify from a moving bus – a sheet of pink and gold among the black spires. The quirky behaviour of wild fires was evident in clusters of unburnt trees, patches of unburnt land and the occasional house that survived but there were were a lot of new houses along the road. We are being warned that the increasing tendency of Summers hotter than past norms will increase the risk of forest and grass fires, a part of global warming.




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