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Smoke and tasks

10 Jul 2017
Light Smoke 31°C / 88°F

A northwesterly wind all day blowing from the wild fires so that by the afternoon the mountains had disappeared into a brown murk and the sun shone pinkly. Most of the fires are about 3-4 hours drive away. By the evening the wind had died down but the valley is still filled with smoke. No sign of a thunderstorm or shower – hard to know whether to be thankful or not given that most of the 200+ wildfires were started by lightening strikes. The patrol helicopter has been out fire spotting. Always a worry during this kind of weather and there is no sign of a let-up in the hot dry breezy weather.

Did some deadheading and then watered all the garden except Drive and Road. It was dusk and mosquito time although they don’t like this hot dry weather. Still a bee or two taking a last snack. Watering gave me time to think about what needs doing so a list of tasks:

Porch: is a clump of Daylilies which needs thinning, not producing much in the way of flowers; the usual bare patches after the bulbs have died back, what to do? The Dianthus Pike’s Pink in Centre is getting squeezed out by the Berberis, I might move some to Porch if the Dianthus already there blooms. Some more Oriental lily bulbs? Some more of the Thrift already there which seems to be doing well.

Bay: Best Bet Iris didn’t bloom this year, dig up, sort and replant good rhizomes.

Photo 1. The ridge a block away blued out in the smoke. Photo 5 is the cursed Maple which sucks water and goodness out of all the beds near it. It is huge but somehow doesn’t look as overwhelming as it does in fact.




How sunny is your bulb-bare spot? I got the brilliant idea to put bergamot in one of these spots. A little thin this year, but next year it should fill in just as the bulbs are dying back.

Posted on 11 Jul 17 (almost 2 years ago)

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