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07 Jan 2017
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One of the things that I have found most difficult about living alone, after almost 38 years of marriage, is how lonely it gets, and how boring it is to be lonely. It’s especially trying in mid-winter, when the days are short, because you really do feel cut off from a lot of activity when it’s dark out. Plus, I’d go make some art, but the studio is in the basement and it’s fecking freezing down there.

So I’m sitting here thinking about my spring garden, and the ongoing issue of my gooseberry bush. They get quite large, so I don’t want to use space in the “farm” and there isn’t space in the Breezeway garden. I had been thinking about putting it in the other sideyard (I don’t have front and back yards, I have sideyards), but there have been issues with plants getting vandalized by schoolkids in that area.

Issues that come up in unfamiliar gardens: because of the place I need to shovel snow, I discovered that there are two plants that will need to be moved, because the weight of the shoveled snow has crushed them. These are the things that you just don’t know about a new space. I’ve propped one of them (the lavender) with my Christmas tree branches to support it, but the other (one of the divided caryopteris) was broken to about 8". we’ll see if it survives.

If it’s toast, maybe that’s where the gooseberry goes, lol.




I hear you, being alone takes getting used to. Suggest bringing the art work upstairs, my kitchen table becomes ‘the studio’ periodically. Also if you have problems with school kids vandalizing part of the garden, that space seems great for prickly gooseberry bushes and a hedge of other long thorned, dense shrubs.

Posted on 08 Jan 17 (about 1 year ago)

I actually did bring up several pieces of paper this morning. Oh, and I applied for grad school.

Posted on 08 Jan 17 (about 1 year ago)

Way to go! I was in my mid-50s when I did my Masters in Art Gallery and Museum Studies, and 60 when I got my Doctorate. Older students bring so much experience and commitment to their studies. Although I have to say students had to have had at least 3 years out of school and working before being allowed onto the Art Gallery and Museums post-grad course.

Posted on 08 Jan 17 (about 1 year ago)


Folia Helper

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Go for it! At 61, I will be finishing up my Master’s (in Geology) this December-if the research project, assisting my advisor in using drones to monitor weather data, works. Also, the caryopteris should be fine as long as the roots weren’t disturbed and thereby frozen.

Posted on 27 Jan 17 (about 1 year ago)

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