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"Winter is the ultimate test of good garden design"...

06 Jan 2017
Snow -9°C / 16°F

Written by Roy Strong in Creating Small Gardens! Maybe in the UK with a dusting of snow or a heavy frost gracing shrubs, grasses and perennials, but not in my perch in the mountains where overnight “light snow”, i.e. a downpour of powder snow all night and into the morning to add several inches to what was already lying. Although I do my best with ‘roofs’, arches and ‘spears’. Little in the way of plant life remains to be seen and no small shrub can stand up to the build up of snow and it subsequent settling.

So this is how my garden looks this morning through the sitting room window (hence the faint tinge of pink from the gro-light over the Winter garden table). In the main picture you can still see my footprints, bottom left, where i walked to hang the bird food – I haven’t seen any birds eating it yet.
The Corkscrew Hazel is a delight in winter until it gets buried by snow.

I have been thinking about underplanting/ ground cover. I think i may underplant the House garden against the house wall with grasses. The copper coloured grass is such a delight and thrives there. I will need to move the Northern Sea Oat grass and some tufts of Blue Grass from Path and that would seem a good place to put them.
I am also thinking about moving the Lamb’s Ears from Road to the south end of Centre by the rose. I think that spot is getting too shady for them to thrive and they make a nice ground cover. Maybe the Sedum Autumn Joy might get moved for the same reason. If I have to move some shade plants from Shade that might be a good place to move them too. Although I only know DS’s plan for the extension in rough detail, I need to start planning where plants can be moved to in this small and well-filled (a polite way of saying overcrowded) garden.



The hazel’s a delight even with the heavy snow!

Posted on 06 Jan 17 (over 1 year ago)

Looks very pretty, however I am freeezing here at 37 F.

Posted on 09 Jan 17 (over 1 year ago)

I’m embarrassed by the amount of snow I have this morning (I can still see the grass though it!!)

Posted on 15 Jan 17 (over 1 year ago)

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