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06 Jan 2017
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Halfway through the winter, and the houseplants are holding their own. Years ago I used to attempt more than 2 dozen, and it was always a bloodbath. I’ve reduced the population to just a few, with (so far anyway) better results from year to year.

My inchplants (main photo) for some reason just took off in the old garden last year, and are retaining their lushness indoors. These plants like low light, which helps, although they also like really wet feet, usually the kiss of death for houseplants. The Redstar (photo 1) also has lots of new growth, which is unusual for this plant. It’s usually pretty dormant inside (I think I might be around year 5 on this guy, maybe more.) The bay laurel (4), on the other hand is bright and healthy, but not growing. I couldn’t find a window for it, so its only light is the fluorescent, which is probably why.

I indulged in an amaryllis (2) this year, and by pure serendipity got on with two flower stalks. Started this on December 10, so I should have blooms maybe as early as my birthday (next week) which would be lovely.

Finally, I decided to cut back the crazy winding branch on my geranium (5), and root it. I did this with the OTHER crazy winding branch last year, as well. So now I have three, and the original plant is nice and bushy. No blooms starting on these, which is not surprising in the low light environment (although they are they only plants that got a really sunny window. (If I had another plant stand I could move the laurel here….)




I’ve been away over the Christmas/New Year period, so just now catching up with Folia.
I know what you mean about houseplants. Although for me it’s those on the verandah. I moved the irrigation line to the verandah, from the currently defunct kitchen garden at the back, just to keep the verandah plants alive while I was away. A tropical climate is very unforgiving to potted plants.

Since I’ve been away, it’s a little late, but … Happy Birthday for last week!

Posted on 21 Jan 17 (over 1 year ago)

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