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The coldest yet… but still thinking about gardens.

04 Jan 2017
Clear -22°C / -8°F

It has been getting steadily colder, today at 8:00 -21C with a windchill of -25C, and a high of -12C. The days are brilliantly sunny and the nights full of stars despite the new LED light street lamps which turn night into day, damm them. There is a more wisps of cloud floating around today and the forecast is for temperatures to start to rise tomorrow bringing flurries and then snow, but still remaining below the seasonal norms of -2/-6C.

I crunched through the squeaky snow yesterday to move the bird food to the Rosa glauca, where birds do sometimes perch. Although they use the surrounding hemlocks and probably the spruce too for shelter, they occasionally sit in the maple looking fluffed out and chilly.

Inside it is warm and the Winter garden provides a welcome dash of living colour. I was given ‘Painting the Modern Garden: from Monet to Matisse’ for Christmas. There are some interesting essays about painters and their gardens and burgeoning interest in gardens amongst the European middle class. Makes me want to do more painting in my garden this summer. I am also perusing the Heritage Harvest Seed catalogue from Manitoba, and marvelling at the wonderful range of varieties possible. Maybe I should consider renting a garden up at the studio to grow veggies. My garden may be in a bit of turmoil this summer as it seems certain the DS will start building the extension to the woodshop and a carport which will inpact somewhat on my garden space and much more on light levels.




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