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A summer of storms and rain

09 Aug 2016
Overcast 16°C / 61°F

Indicating weather in one word is impossible, especially here in the mountains. How do you describe a day which starts with cloud just above valley level. The clouds slowly break up and drift along the lower slopes of the mountains. They drift higher as the day progresses and by early afternoon, it is sunny with just a few little clouds scudding across the valley and then in late afternoon, out of nowhere apparently, two hours of gale force winds. Or the day which starts with blue sky from peak to shining peak, slowly clouds up and in the afternoon thunder rolls round the valley followed by a splash of rain and then the cloud clears to give a starry night. There is rarely a sunny day without the peaks generating clouds which dissolve as they float across the valley, or at least don’t block the sun. In the last few days the mountains have gathered huge, threatening thunder clouds although they have not delivered their threat here at least.

An article about the Summer weather and Fall outlook in Canadian weather, which manages to miss any mention of BC, divides the country into the east – hot and rainless, and the west with continuous bands of storms and rain. The outlook for the Fall promises 6 weeks of drier, summery weather for the west and prairies – that would be nice!




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