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28 Jul 2016
Scattered Clouds 29°C / 84°F

After the storm last evening, dressed in jeans and long sleeved shirt I braved the garden to do some more deadheading. I have been keeping an eye on the purple beans but suddenly there were nice long ones, enough for a good serving for tonights supper. I have also been picking more blackberries (the family’s bramble has a massive crop this year and I don’t suppose anyone else will eat them), boysenberries and a few alpine strawberries.

Today was fine and the temperature almost reached 29C. I watered all the potted plants when I got home this afternoon, the purple bean leaves were looking decidedly wilted. I also watered part of the south end of Centre because R Oscar Peterson was also looking wilted. It probably hasn’t got good deep roots yet and is quite near the edge of the rock wall, so it will need some care. Despite a very heavy rain shower after the thunder last evening, there was almost no water in the rain buckets and no noticeable increase in the rainguage, in fact the rain accompanying the thunder storms has done little more than dampen the surface of the garden.

Photo 4 is Mt Mackenzie, the ski hill, after the storm last afternoon. The snow patches have almost gone from the south side of the mountains.




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