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17 Jul 2016
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Lots of deadheading and some sorting out of the jungle. Believe it or not, I am still hauling out maple seedlings except that they are tough little mini-trees now. I made some tiles to add to the paths through those gardens which are too broad for me to reach across, primarily Shade, Drive, Road and Centre. Centre doesn’t have any tiles yet. Having put some of the tiles in place in Shade today, I find I need to make more of them.

Just as I was tiring, and hot and sweaty, I thought I had better do something about the Everlasting Sweet Pea. The wind blew the Clematis Mrs Harvey off the top of the arch, which doesn’t worry me and does mean I can photograph the flowers easily now. The wind also blew the rampant Everlasting Sweet Pea off the arch so a great bundle of stems and flowers was hanging over Drive. The top of the arch is too high for me to reach and the hoe, with which I attempted to prod the vines back onto the arch top, keep getting tangled in the vines and pulling them off again. I tied all the vines to the part of the arch I could reach and then found my pottery fire pot to stand on. That meant I could just about reach the top of the arch and wrestle great bunches of vines and flowers onto the top and tie them down. Not a very aesthetic job but vines and flowers will soon cover up the string and grow out of the bundle.

While I had the string out I tied a line from one arch to the other at the end of Centre to keep the tall lilies from bending too far over.






Folia Helper

United States

Well done getting your arch loaded up again.

Posted on 19 Jul 16 (almost 3 years ago)

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