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Southern Magnolia has fresh sprouted leaves.

24 Apr 2016

So pretty even though only 3 1/2’ tall. It has 4 prominent branches in all directions, I want to keep the lower ones at 3’ so it will be a low bushy one with flowers low to smell & cut.




Hope you have a big container. Southern Magnolia is no plant to keep small, however, they grow very slowly.

I am growing one from seed. It is on the ground and has been growing for 2 years. It is about one foot tall and now the leaves are getting bigger.

Posted on 02 May 16 (about 3 years ago)

Your experience sounds a lot like mine. The birds planted this one about 5 years ago in my back yard. When I noticed it was about 6". Not even knowing what it was I put it in a pot. The next year it was about 1’ & I recognized the leaves & was so excited I put it in a bigger pot. And again the next year it was about 2 1/2’ & I could tell it was the large magnolia & not Lil Gem. Several neighbors have one or the other & I’d have been happy with either so I moved to a 2 gallon pot. Jan.1, 2015 it was 3’ & my husband dug a planting hole in our front yard where it can grow to it’s hearts content. We are silly about photos & after planting it took a picture for the record of how big it was with me standing holding the top & a yard stick showing it was 3’ like the ruler. You are a real gardener when you enjoy starting things from seeds. Enjoy the journey! Trudy

Posted on 02 May 16 (about 3 years ago)

Well I will follow your experience and mine with our magnolias.

Happy gardening Trudy.


Posted on 03 May 16 (about 3 years ago)

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