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Planting garlic and trying a new organic fertilizer (10-0-6)

26 Nov 2015
Clear 17°C / 63°F

After spending a couple of hours today turning the soil and extracting piles of tree roots, I applied and mixed in soil amendments: 3 bags of Bee’s Ferry compost as well as a new-to-me 10-0-6 (N-P-K) organic fertilizer: Safer Brand Lawn Restore II. The latter is designed to be used on lawns (“Lawn Restore II is a controlled release fertilizer made from organic materials and a blend of beneficial soil microorganisms that provide rapid greening and deep root development for strong, sustainable grass”), but it sounds perfect for my vegetable gardening needs. The soil in my yard contains excess phosphorus, so I need a phosphorus-free fertilizer, which is hard to find! I’ve been using blood meal (for nitrogen) and green sand (for potassium), but both are quite pricey, the green sand has a very low nutrient-to-weight (and price) ratio, and my soil tests persistently showed low potassium. Fingers crossed that this is my new, long-term fertilizer solution!

I planted four different kinds of garlic today: 4 heads saved from my summer harvest, 3 heads from the Trader Joe’s produce section, and two varieties (4 heads of Spanish Roja and 6 heads of California) from Hyam’s Garden Center. This year’s spacing: Rows 12" apart, with cloves spaced 3.5" within each row. I decided to give them a bit more room between rows this year, in hopes of harvesting larger heads… I’ll find out if it worked next summer!



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