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A buzzing of bees

03 Jul 2015
Sunny 34°C / 93°F

Apart from all the other insects, the garden is abuzz with bees, wild and honey bees. Stalks of Lavendar bob under the weight of bees landing.

This evening I planted 3 more Dalmation Peach Foxgloves, rescued them yesterday when I was in HH. The first 3 seem to have settled in nicely. These are in a slightly sunnier position at the north end of East. The soil seemed damp as deep as I dug for the plants which pleased me. If the rest of the garden is damp that deep, I will be satisfied.

I turned or attempted to turn over the compost. It also is good and wet with hundreds of worms, looks more like DD’s worm farm than a compost heap at the moment.




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