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"All gardeners kill plants" or "Transplants Purchased!"

11 May 2015

I remember attending a talk by Gayla Trail a few years ago about gardening. Gayla explained that when she mentions to others that she is a gardener, a common comment from others is “well, I kill plants”. Gayla’s response was that all gardeners kill plants, at least from time to time. This spring, I was one such gardener…

I was late getting my seedlings started this spring. I set them under the lights, but a week or so later, when it warmed up (and when I noted that they were not doing much in the cooler basement) I moved them into my mini-greenhouse. I concluded that they would probably get the best shot at growing to transplant size with the brighter outdoor sun. I covered the flats with a propagation cover and closed up the greenhouse in the evening.

Everything was going well until I forgot to unzip the mini-greenhouse one day… The tomatoes and lettuces on the top shelf were, well, cooked. So, I took heart in the “all gardeners kill plants” statement and headed to a garden centre on Saturday. Fortunately, Marlin Orchards starts a good number of varieties, and I picked up twelve tomato plants:

Cherry: Sweet Gold, Juliet
Other than red slicers: Carolina Gold, Cherokee Purple
Early Red slicers: Jetsetter, Mortgage Lifter
Determinate for canning/freezing: Rutgers (a 6 pack)

My pepper and eggplant seedlings were on the second shelf, and while not “cooked” they are only at the seed leaf stage. To hedge my bets on seeing a reasonable harvest and since six packs of seedlings were only $2.69 I purchased:
12 Eggplants ‘Epic’
18 Peppers – 6 each of ‘Sweet Red’ ‘Early Sunsation’ and ‘Sweet Heat’

On Saturday and Sunday I planted all but the Rutgers tomatoes, the eggplants and the peppers.

At the garden centre, celery, lemon thyme, marjoram, parsley, seed potatoes (banana fingerling, 1 pound), ivy geraniums, dracena, petunias and snapdragons also made it into my cart. I’ve planted the ivy geranium, dracaena, and petunia in front porch planters, and the rest remains for planting this weekend.

*Photos: *
1. My cart full of plants.
2. Planted tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers.
3. Cherry tomatoes (two rows of cilantro in front have not yet germinated.)
4. The vegetable & 9-pack of annuals greenhouse at Marlin Orchards & Garden Centre.
5. The row-covered planting.




How did your garden season turn out? I’ve heard Canada had warmer weather than usual. We had a cooler spring than normal, and way to much rain.

Posted on 20 Sep 15 (almost 4 years ago)

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