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Unexpectedly Sunny

06 Oct 2014
Clear 7°C / 45°F

…but the wind was cold and quite penetrating first thing.

A lovely morning to visit the market, which I haven’t done for about 6 weeks. Bought 2 bunches of wallflower plants and a half tray of winter flowering pansies. Also came across a new (to me) fruit – a pomelo, Citrus maxima – which I look forward to sampling for breakfast.

Back in July I planted some cold stored strawberry plants which were reduced in price. They arrived much later than expected and I had to chase the supplier for them, eventually planting them on the day I was to travel to DS3 and family. He and DGD helped me to prepare the beds. DGD loved measuring out the various components of the planting mix into the wheelbarrow and helping mix it all together – the planting and watering in too. As soon as we reached their home she had to tell her Mum exactly how much sand to mix in and how to plant out strawberries!

My intention was to erect another raised bed for them but the position was infested with dock and nettle which I’d had a go at previously but needed much more work. The compromise was to cover the ground with an old, punctured air bed and place 2 greenhouse grow bags on it and plant into those. I’m hoping these will outlast the plants. By that time the ground underneath will be easier to clean up and a proper bed can be constructed for new runners.

It now has a cage over it and we’ve had 3 fruits ripen late September. The flavour is sooo much better than anything I’ve bought this year – delicious!

1) 4 fruits picked today
2) The bed in August
3) Oct 5th
4) Pepper ‘Alexander’




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