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31 Jul 2014
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It is a bit daft writing a journal about a Dahlia and not including some pictures so here we are.

The second planter of Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberries are going to my friend Dianne, who has an amazing garden. After digging the strawberries out of the planter, I wandered around the garden thinking about changes.

The place I put Therese Bugnet rose in Centre is really not a good place for roses. It gets very shaded at this time of year by the Crocosmia so I think I am going to move it. In its place I will transplant the Clematis Maria Cornelia which has done very little this year. Also it would be a good place for the Shrubby Beardtongue which has been sitting in a pot and growing nicely. Therese Bugnet I think I will plant in the blue bottomless pot at the path end of Shade which gets a lot more sun than I calculated. Therese is very hardly and I think will handle the pot OK. I’ll have to wait for some cooler weather to do all of this.

I am thinking that I will take out the Everlasting Sweet Pea, it’s OK but if I am going to grow Sweet Peas I would rather the scented ones. In its place I will put Rose A Shropshire Lad and hope for better things.

I am also going to pull out the Not-Niobe Clematis and plant the Lonicera Major Wheeler there. I could put the Everlasting Sweet Pea in an ‘empty’ space (it probably has bulbs underneath) in between the thymes in the front of House – it could then clash ferociously with the orange lilies!

A few days ago I finally took my pruners to the Rosa glauca and trimmed back some big side branches which were rubbing against other canes and overshadowing Road. It is surprising how much lighter and less cluttered that part of the bed looks now.

The official temperature for yesterday was 35.9C, for tomorrow 36C. I did some deadheading this evening, it’s so hot even the mozzies are decimated. Shasta daisies are done and trimmed back the earliest of the lavenders to flower as the blooms were finished. I did wonder about watering the whole garden again.




Everything looks so pretty! I like the looks of the Night Butterfly.

Posted on 01 Aug 14 (almost 5 years ago)

both the dahlias are beautiful. I have started planting them and having fairly good success this year. Had to pick one yesterday as it was so large that it was drooping. Best dahlia bloom so far.
Your daylily is such a pretty colour.
The begonia “sparks will fly” looks very much like one I rescued from being thrown in the garbage at the end of last season. It was huge so when I got it home, I cut it back and then let it gradually dry out and die back. It then went in my windowless laundry room and got watered a small amount on a rare occasion over the winter. This spring I brought it upstairs, divided it and repotted it and started watering……it is now on the front porch and looking as big and beautiful as it did last year.

Posted on 02 Aug 14 (almost 5 years ago)

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