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The amazing garden

27 Jul 2014
Scattered Clouds 27°C / 81°F

The garden has on the whole excelled itself this year. It is so amazing to walk through, masses of buds on the day lilies, most of the clemati have excelled themselves. C. Maria Cornelia is a vine barely one foot long – it seems to have been squeezed out by the Everlasting Sweet Pea. Should I move it and if so where? C. Jackmanii was a little sparse – more chicken manure? C.Polish Spirit also hasn’t been its best, I think it needs coddling too. Golden Tiara has one flower! It is usually a bit later than Mme Correvon. For the rest of the Clematii they have been more floriferous and more spreading than ever before – so lovely.

We’re in for another hot spell and it is heating up faster than forecast. I need to keep watering so that ground moisture stays at a reasonable level. A good rain always seems to benefit the garden more than watering. I went out to deadhead and do some tidying after the wind and rain of a few days ago but got bitten by mozzies and retreated indoors. Morning is a better time, cooler and less mozzies.

I saw the hummingbird on the Crocosmia again. It must be visiting regularly.




Your garden is full of beauty!

Posted on 28 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)

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