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25 Jul 2014
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Finally finished mulching the Shade/Woodland Garden. It took 11 bags in all, and I probably could have used more around the edges.

Planted Tendergreen Beans in the bed with the Little Marvel Peas. I’m going to let the Peas go to seed now and see what I can save to plant for next year. I don’t know if I should do it, as they probably cross-pollinated with the other peas. The Slenderette Beans are now flowering.

While checking out the potatoes, I noticed two things: larvae of the Colorado Potato Beetle (killed them) on the Fingerling Potatoes, and the Red Chieftan potatoes have developed seed pods. I have never had that happen before. I don’t know if I should leave them on the plant or take them off. Do they take away from the energy of the plants in tuber development? I’m not really interested in starting potatoes from seed.

The Parisien Carrots are sprouting quite well now and the Mignon have just started. Once again, there are so many weedlings. I will have to make sure to get in there over the next couple of days to keep them to a minimum.

The first kohlrabi I planted has a few that are ready to harvest. Perhaps we will do that tomorrow.

I have dug up some fingerling potatoes three times now, and have forgotten to weigh them each time. I will have to make sure I do that next time and use that measurement X4 so that I have a more or less accurate idea of what we harvested from them. I’m having to control myself not to dig up either the Red Chieftan or Russet Burbank just to see what size they are.

The garlic is ready to harvest but I’ve been putting it off.

The Kolibri kohlrabi as sprouting much better than the Kongo, with almost 100% germination. Will have to wait a bit to see if the Kongo is just slower.

The tomatoes are full of fruit, but today I notice some yellow leaves near the bottom. Must get in there and get rid of them.

So much to do, always, but I love it … and the weather has been kind to me this year, so I’m not only ‘very happy’, but very grateful !






Folia Helper

United States

My potato-growing spouse says he has let this happen and had no problem with the seeds.

Posted on 26 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)

OMG—save all the seeds! First, your peas are off to the start of being a landrace suited to your environment. The potatoes are now officially TPS or True Potato Seed potatoes which are valued in my farming circles. The ability to set flowers has almost entirely been bred out of potatoes. Most of today’s potatoes are clones of clones of clones, having been derived by starting new plants off of tuber stock of the previous plant. That means they have identical genetic material and are more susceptible to all being wiped out by something. TPS potato flowers can cross pollinate, thus giving the resulting seed two parents and much more genetic diversity. You can plant the seeds just like tomatoes and the plants will make potatoes that season.

Posted on 26 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)

I highly recommend the book ‘The Lost Art of Potato Breeding’ By Rebsie Fairholm which is an enjoyable read in intelligent layman terms about breeding TPS potatoes.

Posted on 26 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)


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United States10b

HollyBee, your garden really seems to be coming along nicely! I recently moved and I’ve been dragging my feet about getting my beds set up to begin planting in August & September. I realize my beds need to be ready really soon, but I’m nowhere near ready. Just reading what you’ve been doing and the results you are having is motivating me to get the beds finished.

flowerweaver, you bring up some interesting points. You really are so knowledgeable. That book sounds like an interesting read. If I only had the time TO read!

Posted on 26 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)


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Gardens suck down mulch like black pits. I always find I need one more sack. This could just reflect a lack of skill at estimating spaces, of course. :)

Posted on 27 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)

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