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20 Jul 2014
Mostly Cloudy 26°C / 79°F

I have to get up early and get out into the garden these days if I want to get anything done. By noon, the temperatures with humidity are too high to be out any more.

I did get the new hostas planted in the Shade/Woodland Garden, as well as moved a couple forward. I also discovered that I hadn’t entered two plants in my Folia database, so got that done with my best guesses.

On Friday, Linda and I went to Gemmell’s Nursery just north of Smiths Falls and I bought another Japanese Forest Grass, white variegated this time, and two Glamouflage Petunia ‘Grape’. I put the Petunias in hanging baskets, and planted the Japanese Forest Grass in the Shade/Woodland Garden.

Linda cut down the rest of the spearmint in the Pathway Garden. I had started to do that earlier, but other work got in the way of my finishing it. I was pleased to uncover my Shimano-Fuji tree peony and find that it was doing well and growing taller and wider. I was afraid the mint may have crowded it out. Now I will have to spend some time digging out those mint roots, but it will have to be done a bit at a time.

Today, I cleaned out the weeds around both David Austin roses: Evelyn and Lady of Megginch. I had thought Evelyn was dead and was delighted the other day to find a branch with two buds on it … then today I found another branch with two even fatter buds on it … whoopee ! I cut two pieces off Lady of Megginch, dipped them in cinnamon and put them in the ground with large water bottle cloches on them. When it cools down, I may do the same thing with Evelyn. My cousin Ruth has had great luck propagating roses that way … hope it works for me too !

I put rings of manure around the hostas yesterday (since I didn’t prepare the ground properly when I planted the original ones) and watered them well. Today I emptied three bags of black cedar mulch and spread it, but will need three or four bags more to do the rest of the Shade/Woodland Garden.

Then it was nap time ! :)

Photos 1 & 2 – Glamouflage Petunia ‘Grape’
Photo 3 – Japanese Forest Grass
Photo 4 – Dwarf Solomons Seal
Photo 5 – White Variegated Japanese Forest Grass




I really like the Gamouflage ‘grape’ petunia. I also like your Rose, David Austin, ‘Lady of Megginch’ rose.

Posted on 22 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)

Thank you Kevalsha.

Posted on 22 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)

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Elgin, Ontario


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