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20 Jul 2014
Overcast 22°C / 72°F

A bit more rain last night which seems to dampened down some of the wildfires and at least taken the smoke out of the air in the valley. Even so the rain did not penetrate more than the surface of the soil and further down it was very dry. Although it was cooler, there was a lot of humidity so it felt hot and sweaty, and the mozzies were on the wing.

I was really anxious to get some of the Yellow Alpine Strawberries into the ground. The south end of Boat seemed pretty bare after the Spring flowers had finished. I dug up the Irises which was easy as the soil was so dry and sorted out the ones with the healthiest, well-grown rhizomes. They got replanted, about half went to the compost. I may have replanted more than necessary but I was not sure how well they would take. They are replanted more to the east side and the end.

Between the irises and the plants along the rock edge, I transplanted 4 alpine strawberries. They are very leafy mainly because they probably got too much chicken manure I thnk. That end of porch got a whole lot of chicken manure dug in with the replantings. The ground is full of small spruce roots, which I chopped out when they were where I wanted to plant.

Peony ‘Prince of Darkness’ came out, it had almost no roots apart from not thriving for the length of time it has been in there. A Scabious was transplanted to Drive between the Yellow Scabious and the peony, (another peony doing very little). Two Daylilies which I dug up from under the Hydrangea, got planted at the edge of the bed beside the Lavender.

Hemerocallis Voodoo Dancer – another Daylily that has taken its sweet time about flowering. What I thought was Voodoo Dancer last year obvious was not but what is it? And I wonder what the unknown daylilies planted by the Lavender are. This is a stunning bloom.

The herb box which has been falling apart for the last 2 years has been emptied. I never did anything with the Multiplyer Onions, the Sage died during the winter and the Tarragon was looking drear too. Plants to compost, soil full of roots and hard as a rock to Bay Box compost.




The daylilies are lovely, and the lavender and sea holly (?) are looking really good too. Very pretty.

Posted on 20 Jul 14 (about 5 years ago)

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