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Smoke and strawberries

17 Jul 2014
Scattered Clouds 30°C / 86°F

The mountains which have been blue silhouettes in the smoke haze for the last couple of days almost disappeared in the murk today and the air smells of woodsmoke. So far we have no fires nearby. Happily the weather is supposed to become cooler with the possibility of showers tomorrow. There was a chance of thunderstorms tonight which usually heralds the end of a hot spell but they haven’t materialized here. The problem with thunderstorms is that they cause more wild fires.

I have been picking berries from the Alpine Strawberries almost every day, a few at a time. I have decided to plant at least some of the Yellow Alpine Strawberries at the south end of Boat but I will need to do something about the irises first. Some of that may get done during the cloudy cooler weather.



Comments looks neat! Hope the smoke goes soon, that’s got to be hard on one’s lungs!

Posted on 18 Jul 14 (about 5 years ago)

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