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33C with local smoke

16 Jul 2014
Smoke 33°C / 91°F

Another hot and humid day.

My gardening friend D says that she has begun to wage war on ants in her garden as there is at least one place where she can no longer garden for being molested by ants. I am beginning to feel the same. The garden is literally alive with ants, they are the tiny ones and don’t seem to bite. Everytime I stop there are ants walking over my feet and every flower has ants on it. Maybe there will be a population crash…




The little Pink Alpine Geraniums are lovely ! I’ve never heard of them … and now I’ll have to look for one ! :D

Posted on 18 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)

HollyBee: I saw this plant at a nursery in Salmon Arm, they had made a ‘fairy’ garden with several miniature trees and other plants. The flowers are less than a centimetre across, as you say very pretty, and its zonal range is higher than I am here so I am not sure whether it will survive the winter. It seems to be enjoying this hot weather.

Posted on 18 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)

Just be thankful they are not mean fire ants. I have stings all over my hands and feet which make blisters from them.

Posted on 18 Jul 14 (almost 5 years ago)

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